Kayaking adventure on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao!

Kayaking adventure on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao!

December 06, 2017 1 Comment

Curaçao, an island of the former Dutch Caribbean, is known for its beaches tucked into coves and its expansive coral reefs rich with marine life. The capital, Willemstad, has pastel-colored colonial architecture. All the beaches have their own special ‘hidden’ treasures. From cliff diving, to hidden ‘underwater caves’, to sea turtles swimming alongside the people. If you are ready for an adventure, you are ready for Curaçao.

“Me and my partner live in the Netherlands where the climate is rather cold and not that sunny. So we searched online for a (warm) vacation destination and found this beautiful island called Curaçao!” – Tourist perspective  


Playa Kenepa Grandi, also known as ‘Playa Abou’ or ‘Grote knip’ is a well-known beach and earns its position in top 20 beaches of the world! This is one of the biggest beaches on the island. Known for its clear blue waters and white sand. It’s quite a distance from the city but it is absolutely worth the drive. Playa Kenepa Grandi should definitely be on the list of beaches you must visit on the island. 

“As we walked down the sandy stairs of the beach, the crystal blue waters and snow white sand were inevitable! We found a nice spot in the shade with two chairs and a parasol. The sun stood high in the blue sky and there was a bit of a breeze that was very pleasant.” – Tourist perspective 


A visit to Playa Kenepa Grandi isn’t only for a relaxing swim, adventurers will definitely not be bored at this beach. The activities very from snorkeling, cliff diving to hiking through the surrounding natural environment. The locals also use the beach for family reunions, or simply for “Sunday-beach-day”, a tradition on the island. So there is always a festive or cozy vibe at the beach.  

“For a while we relaxed and played music until we saw someone in a transparent kayak what I never saw in my life! The boat was totally transparent and remarkable was the clarity through the hull as I walked towards the person sitting in it. I asked him if he rented or bought the kayak and he told me there is a water sports rental at the beach. So I went to the little shag and rented the transparent kayak for an hour or two.” – Tourist perspective


Kayaking can be very fun, so imagine kayaking in a transparent kayak were you can explore the crystal clear sea beneath you. This is also a dream come true in case you don’t like snorkeling but do want to enjoy the benefits of it.

“With my girlfriend sitting in front we kayaked allong the  cliffs as we explored the beautiful corals and sponges with lots of fish swimming under the boat. My girlfriend even saw a sea turtle passing by in front of the boat.” 


It is also possible to kayak to neighboring beaches. The nearest beach is called Kenepa chiki/ Klein Knip and is approximately a 20 min kayaking adventure alongside the beautiful natural cliffs covered with all sorts of plants and cactuses. The silence of nature, the relaxing winds and birds flying over give you a euphoric feeling of complete and utter peace. 

“We stopped over there and relaxed for a while and after that we passed by the cave that is located between the two beaches of Knip.” – Tourist perspective


“It was a stunning experience to use this transparent kayak as for this completed our stay on the Island of Curaçao.” – Tourist perspective 


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December 07, 2017

I went to knip it was wonderfull

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