Transparent Kayak: Kayaking Just Got More Interesting

Transparent Kayak: Kayaking Just Got More Interesting

January 12, 2018

Also referred to as Molokini kayak, this innovative transparent kayak offers you the opportunity to explore water and see the amazing sea floor and the life existing there. The fascinating design, sleek transparent hull, excellent build, portability are some of the incredible features of the transparent kayak that makes it unique from other kayaks. Some of the features of the Molokini kayak include:


Sleek Transparent Hull

This looks like the most amazing feature of this see through kayak. The sleek transparent hull makes it possible for you to witness the mesmerizing sea creatures or lake life below. You also get to see the amazing underwater plants and rock formation. This is a sight you will always live to remember. 


Highly Durable

Another feature that makes the transparent kayak really incredible is its durability. The fact that it is transparent doesn’t make it fragile. It is made of high quality, durable polycarbonate Lexan material and an anodized aluminum frame capable of withstanding extreme usage conditions without breaking or cracking. In addition to that, the surface can hardly be scratched by sand or stone. Be rest assured that your see through kayak will serve all your boating and kayaking needs for an extended period. 


Easy and Convenient to Use

Made of lightweight materials, the Molokini kayak is very easy and convenient to use. It was built with versatility and portability well put into consideration. Hence, transportation and storing the Molokini clear kayak units is easy and convenient. After using it, you can easily disassemble for storage just like your camping tents.


Lightweight, Incredible Design

The Molokini kayak has a lightweight coupled with a wonderful design. With a weight of just 40 pounds and a fascinating design, the see through kayak has been made to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your exploration period.


Made For Two

Kayaking alone may not be really fun. Hence, the transparent kayak was made for two. This Molokini kayak features two adjustable seats as well as two paddles with leashes. It also comes with two flotation devices. The vessel has the capability of supporting weights of about 425 pounds (or 193 kg.).


Kayaking Just Got More Fascinating

Gone are those days you have to stretch out of the canoe before you can experience the sea life. Today, with the Molokini clear kayak, all you need to do is to look down while paddling your kayak. You will be surprised by the sight below. Through this stylish, elegant, and powerful transparent hull, witnessing the harmonic dances of angelfish just got easier.


Will you like to witness fascinating sea life through the sleek see through kayak? Whether your aim is to explore, research water life or go on a discovery mission with your child, this is definitely a great investment. With the transparent Molokini kayak, the possibilities of discovering, exploring, and seeing the fauna and flora beneath the sea or lake are endless. Check out our online store today.

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