Kayak Information

QUESTION: Is it a 1-person or 2-person kayak? 

ANSWER: Each Molokini Transparent Kayak comes with 2 seats and 2 paddles. You can easily convert it to a 1-person arrangement by simply removing a seat (takes 5 seconds)


QUESTION: Can the kayaks stack for easy storage?

ANSWER: Yes and No. To truly stack (nest) them you need to remove the interior frame which takes 5-10 minutes. Because this can get tedious we recommend doing this for more long-term storage plans.


QUESTION: How well does the Molokini kayak track?

ANSWER: The Molokini Transparent Kayak has two features that allow it to track well. The first feature are multiple channels that are formed right into the hull design and the second is a retractable skeg system which can be seen below.


QUESTION: How impact resistant is the material of the Molokini?

ANSWER: The Molokini Transparent Kayak is made out of polycarbonate, this is the same material used on fighter jet canopies, submarine viewing ports and bulletproof glass. View the video below to understand the clear difference between the Parazoa original Molokini Vs. Chinese acrylic made kayaks and counterfeit kayaks.


QUESTION: Will the Molokini scratch and do scratches affect the visibility?

ANSWER: The Molokini Transparent Kayak will scratch yet when placed into the water the water fills in the scratches. The effects are very similar to a dive mask. Even extreme tests over coral masses, barnacles and lava rocks have yielded low visibility loss. The Molokini is used by tour operators worldwide who have groups of people in and out of the water on a daily basis. Rental operations are extreme conditions, in this type of environment the Molokini’s are in use for many years before having to be replaced.


QUESTION: What is the recommended care for the Molokini?

ANSWER: The Molokini Transparent Kayak care is fairly general. After usage wash with mild soap and fresh water, store in a shaded area and on occasion add lubrication to the stainless steel components.


QUESTION: What are the Molokini Shipping Times?

ANSWERS: The standard lead times are 2 to 4 weeks yet will vary due to the time of the year. For accurate lead times consult with your Clear Blue Hawaii representative.


Order Information

QUESTION: How safe is my personal information?

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QUESTION: Do you ship to locations outside of the USA?

ANSWER: Yes. Contact us here and we'll prepare a shipping quote for you. Be sure to let us know how many you plan on ordering and if you have a specific deadline that must be met.  


QUESTION: What are your shipping and handling rates?

ANSWER: Shipping and handling rates vary depending on the destination of the order and are based on the total cost of the order.  


QUESTION: Why are your prices SO LOW?

ANSWER:  Thanks to the trade location and tax advantages of the country the company cuts additional costs so we can offer the most reasonable prices on the market.


QUESTION: What payment methods are available?

ANSWER: At the moment, we only accept Credit/Debit cards, wire transfers and Paypal payments.


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